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Stress Relief Prayer
Stress Relief Prayer

Stress Relief Prayer

Christian Stress Relief Prayer

 Christian Stress Relief PrayerAre you stressed? Feeling overwhelmed? Are your burdens too heavy to bear? 

Releasing Your Stress and Burdens to God and Asking Him to Work on Your Behalf Will Bring True Relief from Stress.

A Prayer to Relieve Stress: 

Heavenly Father, I give you glory, honor, praise and thanksgiving. I thank you that I am fearfully and wonderfully made! I thank You that You have plans to prosper and not to harm me. I thank You that You will never require more of me than I can give, or give me burdens more than I can handle. But Lord, I am feeling overwhelmed by daily responsibilities, by expectations of my family and job, by the demands on my time, by my physical tiredness, by the feeling that my burdens will overtake me, by financial hardships, by … … .  (fill in with your specific requests). Father, I have been dealing with these issues in my own strength. Father, I turn to You for help. 

Father, You sent us the Holy Spirit to be a helper and a comforter. So, I am laying my burdens at your feet and submitting my will to You. I am placing my fears, my anxieties, my weariness, my anger, my stress, my burdens, my … …  at your feet and leaving it all there for You to handle. (Let the physical feeling of be relieved of those burdens one by one be real in your mind and body. Close your eyes, breathe in, relax and let the burdens lift. Then, picture Jesus surrounding you with His outstretched arms and giving you a warm, loving embrace that fills your heart and spirit with joy.) 

Father, I receive that You are already working situations out to my benefit. I thank You Lord that You are giving me spiritual strength, renewal and refreshment even now. I know that you are bringing people into my life that will help me, encourage me, to share and build my faith with and to add to the quality of my life. I thank you Lord for removing clutter and unbelief from my life. But above all, You are with me and that brings me great strength, assurance, comfort and joy. Thank you for providing me with everything I need. Thank You for loving me and caring for me. Thank you for being my all in all. Thank you in Jesus Christ’s name. Amen.

Now, whenever you feel the burdens coming back, rebuke them in Jesus’ name, and remember that you have given your burdens over to God. Then, be reminded of that warm, loving embrace from Jesus and be filled with His comfort, peace and love.

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