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Genesis Replacement Filter 2

Genesis Replacement Filter 2

Genesis Replacement Filter 2
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Fits all Genesis models including the EOS Genesis Platinum, the EOS Genesis Platinum 9, the KYK Genesis 25000, the KYK Genesis 30000, the Revelation 2, the Alkaviva 9, and the KYK Generation 2.  Replacement Filter Two is good for 8000 liters (est 2285 gallons), we suggest changing filter #2 every 12 to 18 months for better filtration. 

Genesis Replacement Filter Two:  Our Genesis Replacement Filter #2 offers a large section of silver activated carbon filtration, pure calcium, activated carbon, ceramic ball, as well as five more anti-bacteria felts. After your tap water passes through both filters, it comes out fresh and ready to be ionized!

Used or wet filters cannot be returned. Please use caution when ordering filters. Call us at (757) 615-3406 if you have any questions.

Proverbs 5:15: Drink running water from your own well.

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