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Aromatherapy Essential Oil Bath Products
Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy Products

Aromatherapy Spa Shower Products Essential Oils Herbs  Aromatherapy Spa Shower Products
The use of essential oils infused with herbs and fruit essences dates to bibilcal times and beyond. Designed by our Creator, these natural herbs and fruits can provide a variety of sensations that can be beneficial to your overall well being. Aromatherapy blends are designed to invigorate, energize, calm, relax, diminish stress and even help with sleep. The aromas are pleasing to the senses!

Our collection of aromatherapy oils, herbal wraps, fragrances and bath products are best enjoyed in the comfort of your home. So relax, breathe in and enjoy the natural aromas. 
Click on a picture for information & pricing!

Click on a picture for information & pricing!

Relaxing Aromatherapy Bath SetRelaxing Aromatherapy Bath SetDiscover these amazingly relaxing bath products that bring the bliss of a luxury spa to your own humble bathroom. The beautifully designed set of three bottles contain top-quality products with aromatheraputic benefits sourced from all over the world. Body and Bath ProductsBody and Bath ProductsV'tae aromatherapy body mists, massage oils, bath soaks, bath salts, soothers, etc. with essential oils.
Organic Comfort BootiesOrganic Comfort BootiesDid you have a long day? Kick up your feet in these organic comfort booties that not only provide natural aromatherapy, but soothe with a removable insole filled with 12 healing herbs and grains. The natural herbs contour your feet and help relieve stress, tension, cramps and muscle discomfort. The insert can also be heated or chilled for maximum results. Herbal Sinus & Migraine CapHerbal Sinus & Migraine CapTired of migraine pain, headaches and dreaded sinuses? This cap provides 100-percent all-natural aromatherapy, filled with 12 healing herbs and the highest quality, natural grains available. This mixture contours the neck, eyes and sinus are with a unique design and helps to relieve your tension. It features a removable neck pack that allows the option of hot, cold or a combination of hot and cold therapies.
Aromatherapy Pillow InsertAromatherapy Pillow InsertEnjoy the soothing effects of natural aromatherapy with this lavender pillow insert inspired by the beauty and elegance of the Sierra Nevada mountains. Made with 100-percent linen and a silk band, this simple yet luxurious accessory adds peace and relaxation to your home and sleep. MALIE ORGANICS Orchid Island Ambiance Reed DiffuserMALIE ORGANICS Orchid Island Ambiance Reed DiffuserTransform your home into a tropical paradise with the exotic aromas of the Islands. The delicate reeds allow the subtle release of these beautiful scents. This beautiful reed diffuser is Malie Organics' #1 selling product and lasts over a year!
MOLTON BROWN Frankincense & Allspice Aroma ReedMOLTON BROWN Frankincense & Allspice Aroma ReedFrankincense, allspice and cedarwood - unwrapped. This is the festive season. Fired up. Festive. Fiery. Exquisite. Sprout Aroma DiffuserSprout Aroma DiffuserUncover the true identity of this planter. Sprout is actually an aroma diffuser in disguise that seamlessly blends into any room. Fitted with a lid that can hold your favorite potted plant, this incognito diffuser uses advanced technologies to fully discharge the essential oil's particles, facilitating the body's absorption of active ingredients. It also has an activated carbon mesh that efficiently purges foreign odors from the atmosphere. Providing better air quality, calming fragrance, and a rejuvenating environment has never been easier.
INTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS Essential Oil DiffuserINTELLIGENT NUTRIENTS Essential Oil DiffuserThis beautifully handcrafted diffuser disperses essential oils to purify, deodorize and refresh your personal environment. VOTIVO Sands Reed Diffuser, White OceanVOTIVO Sands Reed Diffuser, White OceanAs the warm midsummer day drew to a close, the familiar sea salt freshness awaited their return... but this time was different; a smoke infused woodsy essence rose in gentle swirls from the beach side bonfire beckoning them to enjoy.

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