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Articles Designed to Help You Grow Your Faith!

Articles Designed to Help You Grow Your Faith!

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Faithbox Inspirational Gift

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Are deadlines, schedules, rules, requirements, burdens, pains, illness or anger stealing your joy? Don't let the world get you down! Lay your burdens at the feet of Jesus . . He cares for you!

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06/03/2016: Knowing God As Dad

06/03/2016: Knowing God As Dad


Do you know God as Dad? As believers, we seek knowledge about God. We read our bibles, study devotionals and attend Bible study on a quest for knowledge about God. But, do we know God as Father and Dad? Or, do we view God as an all-knowing overseer who has high expectations of our ability to live sin free in our own strength. When we fail to live sin-free, we are crushed under His judgement which is doled out in anger because of our short comings? If you think of God in this way, I encourage you know God differently. God wants to be your Dad, and not your destroyer.

Knowing God As DadFather defined by Dictionary.com: 

  • Any male ancestor, especially the founder of a family or line; progenitor.
  • A man who exercises paternal care over other persons; paternalprotector or provider.

Dad Defined:

  • In the dictionary: "Father, or male parent."
  • Sadly, that's a mere shadow of what a dad truly is. Dad is a nuture, a protector, a provider, a supporter, a teacher, an instructor, an example, a defender and someone who genuinely cares about your well being and future. They choose to be in your life and to be an important part of your life beyond biologically giving you life. 

In modern society, there are many who grow up without their biological father in their lives. And, tragically there are many who have not had a dad in their lives either. Without a father or dad in the natural, it is difficult to understand the relationshiop between child and father and dad. Applying that understanding to a relationhip with God becomes even more difficult. The God we learn about in church may be judgemental and punishing. That false image of God can deter many from even trying to know God as father and dad. But, changing our perception of God's role in our lives opens the door to an intimate, nuturing relationship with God that is truly priceless. 

How Can You Change Your Perception of God?

  • Ask the Holy Spirit to give you understanding about the ideal role of father & dad in the natural realm. 
  • Carefully observe men (who are considered to be excellent fathers and dads) as they interact with their children. 
  • Ask trusted friends and family about the most important lessons their fathers & dads have taught them.
  • Study scriptures that describe the love of God toward you.
  • Read books such as Knowing God as Dad or Fathered by God.
  • Ask the Holy Spirit to open your understanding to see God's loving hand on your life.
  • Ask God to remove false perceptions about Him from your mind and to renew your mind with His loving thoughts toward you.
  • Purposefully make time to spend with God each day, or as often as possible. Pray, but also listen for God's voice. 

How did you come to know God as father and dad? Feel free to share with us. We'd love to hear your testimony of that pivotal moment your relationship with God changed.

Have a Blessed & Fruitful Day,

Lisa LeaSure

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