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Thanks for making such great quality products. I'll be sure to spread your company's name around.

Bath Towel Wrap Features:

  • Fabric is 100% ring spun Turkish terry cotton.
  • Weaving is done on brand new looms and the fabric is electronically controlled.
  • High quality, totally harmless dying stuff is used.
  • Minimal force is applied to stretch the fabric In the sizing and fixing process, so shrinkage of the fabric is kept to a minimum.
  • The cutting process is performed on fully automatic machines.
  • Sewing is accomplished by a team of specialists. No child Labor is used.

Gift Wrapping Service Available!

Sending a gift? Now you can add gift wrapping for $6.50 per item! Just select gift wrapping when you choose the bath wrap size. 
Bath Towel Wraps

Bath Towel Wraps

Bath Towel Wrap Turkish Cotton Terry Mens

Bath Towel Wrap Turkish Cotton Terry Womens
Bath towel wraps with velcro closure keep you covered securely. You can walk, sit, bend and even lift your arms to comb or dry your hair, shave, tweeze your eyebrows or put on your makeup - all with confidence that your bath wrap is secure and your modesty is preserved. 

Our wraps are manufactured with luxurious 100% Turkish ring-spun cotton terry with a fabric weight of 13 oz./sq. yd. Turkish cotton is known worldwide for its high level of comfort, absorbency and durability. And, since the wrap is made with ring-spun cotton, it will have a more refined feel than a wrap made with basic combed cotton yarn.

Wraps are perfect for use at the spa, or after bath or shower. They replace a traditional towel, yet give you the added benefit of security and modesty. 

Women's Bath Towel Wraps - Click Image to Select Size

Mens Bath Towel Wraps - Click Image to Select Size

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