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I have had a problem with extremely dry skin for several years. The dermatologist said the diabetes and thyroid problems I have also contribute to the problem. When the itch about drives me crazy I can shower with the sheep milk soap and that does more good than all the medications and/or lotions I have used over a period of 3 years.

Sheep Milk Skin Care Products - Soap, Lotion, Gifts

Sheep Milk Skin Care Products 

Bath Soap, Body Lotion, Liquid Soap, Milk Bath, Bath Tea & Gift Bags  

Sheep Milk Victorian Products by Shepherds Dairy Victorian Packaging         Sheep Milk Skin Care Products Primitive Primitive Packaging

All Natural Fragrances, Natural Oils & Rich, Creamy Sheep Milk 

Dry, winter air can deplete your skin of moisture leaving you with dry, cracked, red, itchy and painful skin. Shepherd's Dairy soap, lotion, milk bath and bath tea contain sheep milk. Sheep milk replaces vital moisture. It smoothes, firms and softens skin.

You Will Enjoy Shepherd's Dairy Sheep Milk Skin Care Products! 

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