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Portable Ionized Water Machine -  Hybrid Alkaline Water Filtration

Stock of this item is currently depleted. Please check back on late April, 2013 for availability!

Portable Hybrid Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine

Portable Hybrid Alkaline Water Ionizer Machine
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Hybrid portable alkaline water ionizer machine uses cutting edge slotted plate technology to produce high purity, alkaline and acidic water. Hybrid unit can be connected permanently to a water line or you can just add water to the machine manually as needed. This five plate ionizer machine uses 200 watts of power to provide quality water with a pH from 11 to 3. Unit has three alkaine water settings and three acid water settings.

Hybrid Portable Ionized Water Machine Features:

1) Five platinum dipped titanium plates with slotted plate technology.

2) Internal multistage activated carbon filter. Removes 99.9% of the impurities from your water. (Used if you add water to your Hybrid manually.)

3) Three alkaline water settings and three acid water settings.

4) Uses the efficient SMPS electrical system, reducing heat and increasing the lifespan of the components. Every other portable water ionizer uses a transformer, which will shorten the lifespan.

5) When connected permanently to a water line, the water flow control is automatic! Once the cold water tap is on, the Hybrid automatically pumps water at the correct flow rate, filters and ionizes the water. You do not have to manually adjust your water flow for optimal output. Just turn it on and enjoy your ionized water!

6) The Hybrid can ionize the water up to -700 ORP! So you're not sacrificing any antioxidant power by going portable.

7) The Hybrid's design and white and silver coloring is inspired by European design, making it more attractive than the average water ionizer.

How Can I Use the Unit as a Portable Ionizer without Connecting it to a Water Line?

1. Just fill the top container with tap water to the water level line.

2. Select the pH that you want. For drinking water, select “m” for medium.

3. Put a cup on the cup pedestal on the right.

4. Press the water flow “on” button.

5.When the alkaline water dispenses into your cup, the acidic water will collect in the bottom tank.

6. When your cup is full, release the water flow “on” button.

7. Drink and enjoy!

8. Use the acidic water on your skin, your plants, on your countertop, etc.

What's Does Your Purchase Include?
The Hybrid Portable Water Ionizer, Cold Water Line Diverter Valve, User's Manual, Power Cord, Filter and pH Testing Drops.

The Hybrid portable alkaline water ionizer machine comes with a 5-year (parts, labor & shipping warranty) and a 60-day money back guarantee! A great value and an unbeatable guarantee! Ships UPS Ground.

Manufacturer Hyunsung EandE
Product Purpose Production of Alkaline Ionized and Acidic Water
Unit Type Free standing with direct connection to tap water line or add water manually
Product Dimensions 7.4" (Wide) x 15" (High) x 7.9" (Deep)
Product Weight 8.0 lbs. (without packaging materials)
Product Voltage & Frequency AC 110V 50/60Hz
Power Consumption 200W
Water Supply Direct connection to tap (via provided divertor) or manually add water.
Electrolysis Method Continuous electrolysis (including flow sensor)
Electrolysis Cell 5 slotted platinum titanium plates
pH Range of Water Produced pH 11 to pH 3
Electrolysis Capability 3 Levels of alkaline water, 3 Levels of acidic water
Output 1.3 liters per minute
Provided Filter Internal multistage activated carbon filter which is used if you do not connect the unit to the faucet or the cold water line.
Additional Filters If the hybrid will be connected to your cold water line or with the use of a faucet divertor valve, you do not need the multistage carbon filter. You can use a Omnipure inline filter.
Warranty 5-Year Parts, Labor & Shipping Warranty. If anything goes wrong with your unit (that isn't caused by abuse, natural disaster, or misuse) we'll pay for the return shipping to the manufacturer by UPS Ground, it will be fixed for you at no charge, and it will be shipped back to you via UPS Ground at no charge to you!
Guarantee 60-Day Money Back Guarentee! Refunded amount will be less shipping charges, credit card procesing fees and a 15% restocking fee. Item must be returned undamaged in its original package with all of its original accessories. Please call 1-877-255-3713 before shipping to obtain a RMA.
Approvals NRTL, KFDA, CE approved

Operation of Hybrid Unit with Connection to Water Line

Hybrid Portable Disclaimer & Information


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