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Aromatherapy Gel - Natures Inventory Natural Wellness Aid

Natures Inventory Organic Wellness Oils Aromatherapy
Nature's Inventory Aromatherapy Gels  

Water Based Gel Provides Natural Relief For Common Ailments
Natures Inventory aromatherapy water based gels help you to enjoy wellness naturally, or with the assistance of Western Medicine. All water based gels are specially formulated to address physical and emotional needs without the mess associated with oils.
Nature's Inventory Organic Essential Natural Wellness Oils
No synthetic ingredients
No harsh chemicals
No synthetic fragrances
No synthetic preservatives
No petroleum based ingredients

Natures Inventory water based gels are a blend of various therapeutic grade essential oils in a water based gel. The botanical properties of the essential oils are easily absorbed directly into the bloodstream where they are transported to the organs and systems of the body.
Most people know essential oils for their relaxing aromatherapy properties, but essential oils are also the most potent form of herbal energy available. Essential oils actually get oxygen to your cells so your body can release toxins and pull much needed potassium back into the cell.
Natures Inventory organic aromatherapy water based gels are wonderful for relieving the symptoms of restless leg syndrome (RLS), headaches, painful joints, back pain, body aches, menopause, high blood pressure, stress, sleeplessness, and many more common ailments.
Try Natures Inventory water based gels today! Their soothing properties and wonderful aromatherapy fragrances will heal your body and mind.

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