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Berry Mango (Fresh tropical delight. Fruity blend of mango, pear, and berries with slight musk undertones), Citrus Glo (A blend of citrusy notes and fresh spring florals. Tangerine lemon, white lily, tuberose and carnation make this fresh breezy fragrance a winner), Cucumber Melon (combines the crisp scent of cucumber with mouthwatering scent of melon), Lavender Breeze (A hint of springtime freshness), Prairie Rain (As refreshing as a clean, cool rain on a hot summer day), Romantic Rose (Made with fresh rose petals and a beautiful rose scent), Shepherd's Pride (Original unscented), Spiced Oatmeal (Basic milk-based bath soap with oatmeal and a touch of cinnamon), and Toby (a mix of white freesia, orange flower and pure cloud is how The Gap defines their popular fragrance).  

Shepherds Dairy Sheep Milk Bath & Bath Tea

Shepherds Dairy Milk Bath & Bath Tea Bags

Shepherds Dairy milk bath & bath tea are an aromatic delight for your senses and soothing spa skin care treatment for any skin type. 

Just add a bath tea packet or milk bath powder to a hot bath, get in, lay back, relax and enjoy the delightful fragrances while your skin is softened and soothed. What a treat! 

Sheep Milk Bath by Shepherds Dairy


Sheep Milk Bath Tea Bags by Shepherds Dairy




Sheep Milk Bath Tea Bags by Shepherds Dairy

Fragrances include Berry Mango, Citrus Glo, Cucumber Melon, Lavender Breeze, Midnight Sky, Prairie Rain, Romantic Rose, Spiced Oatmeal or Toby. If you prefer an unscented skin care treatment, try Shepherd's Pride.   

 Why is Sheep Milk Good for Your Skin?

Sheep milk has a high butterfat content - about twice as much a in cow's milk, and more than goat's milk. Lactic acid in sheep milk has been shown to help remove dead skin cells while the lipids in the butterfat help hold moisture in. Lactic acid can also help even out pigmentation in your skin and can play an important role in the treatment of sun damaged skin. Lactose is present in the milk of mammals. Milk leaves the skin feeling silky smooth with a hydrated appearance. It’s an effective and softening skin cleanser. Milk proteins smooth, firm and soften the skin

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