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Customers Say Shepherds Dairy Sheep Milk Skin Care Products are Great for Dry Skin, Eczema and Rosacea. 

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Why is Sheep Milk Good for Your Skin? 
Sheep milk has a high butterfat content - about twice as much a in cow's milk, and more than goat's milk. Lactic acid in sheep milk has been shown to help remove dead skin cells while the lipids in the butterfat help hold moisture in. Lactic acid can also help even out pigmentation in your skin and can play an important role in the treatment of sun damaged skin. Lactose is present in the milk of mammals. Sheep milk leaves the skin feeling silky smooth with a hydrated appearance. It’s an effective and softening skin cleanser. Milk proteins smooth, firm and soften the skin. Other ingredients are pure vegetable oils, (including olive, sunflower and canola oil) and good quality fragrance oils.


Gift Bag - Sheep Milk Dry Skin Care, Shepherds Dairy

Shepherds Dairy Natural Sheep Milk Skin Care Product Gift Bags

Dry Skin Care Products to Moisturize and Hydrate Skin

Natural Fragrances and Oils in Rich, Creamy Sheep Milk 

Great for Gift Giving or if You Want to Try Several Products of One Fragrance!

           Sheep Milk Skin Care Product Gift Bags         Sheep Milk Skin Care Product Gift Bags         Sheep Milk Skin Care Product Gift Bags                        

 Large                                                 Medium                                 Small                 


Large Sheep Milk Skin Care Bag: 8 oz. body lotion, a 8 oz. liquid soap, a milk bath, bar of soap. 
                 (Except Brutus fragrance which contain a 8 oz. lotion, a 8 oz. liquid soap and two bars of soap.)

Medium Sheep Milk Skin Care Bag: 4 oz. body lotion, a 4 oz. liquid soap and a floral round soap

Small Sheep Milk Skin Care Bag: 2 oz. body lotion, 2.0 oz. Liquid Soap, Guest Bar Soap

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