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Artwork designers give careful consideration to mat colors and molding details to achieve a quality art product. Frames may be slightly different than shown due to availability of molding styles. Artwork is a framed print. Sorry, but mat colors and frame colorss cannot be changed. All dimensions given are based on outiside the frame measurements. Prices and availability are subject to change without notice.

Walk By Faith Christian Art Work

"Walk By Faith" Framed Christian Print or Poster

Inspirational Christian Art Featuring Photo by Pastor Sheraton

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 Walk by Faith Christian Art Work by Pastor Sheraton Walls

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2 Corinthians 5:6-8: We walk by faith; we do not walk by sight.

Are you experiencing a season of testing? Do you feel like a weathered dock, battered by storms, showing signs of wear and tear? Are you trying to find the way, and at times experiencing unsecure places, rough patches -- all the while knowing you are walking the beaten path with Christ on your journey? That old battered dock, is not new, perfect and unstained, but it is beautiful in its reminder that all believers in Christ Jesus are on a journey back to Him. It's a journey spotted with difficult times and sometimes trying circumstances, but we are assured that He will work it all for His glory and our good. So, hang on and walk with Him securely down that battered dock.

Pastor Sheraton Wall's "Walk by Faith" photo speaks to people differently. He comments that it is a joy to him to hear believer's different interpretations of the meaning behind his photos. How does Walk by Faith speak to you?

That old weathered dock, is a beautiful reminder of our faith in Christ as we experience events that mold, shape, weather and perfect us into His image. Pastor Walls' Walk by Faith Print is a remarkable, inspiring reminder that on this earth we Walk by Faith and not sight.

Walk by Faith is available as a 11"W x 14"H poster, or in a elegant black wood frame measuring 16"W x 20"H. Posters are printed on acid free paper that is sun resistant, and withstands fading for up to 120 years. Framed Walk by Faith Art Print makes a great heirloom gift that can be passed down from generation to generation in families of faith filled Christ followers.

Posters and framed art prints ship to destinations in the continental US. Posters ship via US Mail, and framed prints ship via UPS Ground. Framed print orders generally ship within seven business days of placing your order. In stock posters ship within 2-3 business days of placing your order. If you require a large number of posters, or framed prints, please call us for anticipated turn around times.

Add a touch of daily inspiration to your home or office decor with Pastor Sheraton WallsWalk By Faith framed print or poster! Or, give the Walk by Faith framed print as a gift of appreciation to your Pastor, your family or friends.

Walk by Faith photo is a part of the Sheraton Walls Art Collection and is copyright protected with the US Patent and Trademark Office. 2008-2013 Christiansphotogallery.com All Rights Reserved ©

Pastor Sheraton Walls took the The Walk by Faith photo one month before Hurricane Katrina came ashore. It was a time of testing and trials for many Americans, and many ministries were birthed during this time. We pray that the Walk by Faith art print finds its way to those who need to absorb its message the most, and that it provides daily inspiration on your journey.

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Walk by Faith Poster, 11" x 14"Walk by Faith Poster, 11" x 14"

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