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Bubbly Soaps
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Lizard Luster Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Lizard Luster Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Lifts your spirits, stimulates your mind and soaks away dry, lackluster skin.
Monster Moisture Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Monster Moisture Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.V'tae Monster Moisture Bubbly Soap is a careful blend of organic aloe vera gel, chamomile extract, mango extract, comfrey extract, sunflower oil and almond oil 
Assures healthy, hydrated skin!
Mother's Lullaby Bubbly Soap, 8 oz.Mother's Lullaby Bubbly Soap, 8 oz.Bath time sets the stage for a good nights sleep as you caress your baby with bubbles as light as a feather.  Helps you can both nod off -- peacefully and naturally. 8 oz.
Salamander Soother Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Salamander Soother Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Restores dry, dull skin
Very Gentle Soap, 8 oz.Very Gentle Soap, 8 oz.Soothing aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E and other cleansing, nurturing ingredients. Nurtures even the most sensitive skin, and helps combat parched, dry skin even on heels and elbows. Available in 8 oz.

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