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Massage & Bath Oils
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Cold Soother Massage Oil, 8 oz.Cold Soother Massage Oil, 8 oz.Gently massage onto back and chest, and inhale deeply. Helps clear congestion, while it reduces aches and pains.
Lavender Massage Oil, 8 oz.Lavender Massage Oil, 8 oz.Soothes everything from headaches and tension to rashes, burns and insect bites.
Mother's Lullaby Massage Oil, 8 oz.Mother's Lullaby Massage Oil, 8 oz.Relaxes and assures little ones that bedtime is a good time to snuggle up and settle down.
Muscle Soother Massage Oil, 8 oz.Muscle Soother Massage Oil, 8 oz.Improves circulation and relieves the aches and pains of everyday life.
Peppermint Massage Oil, 8 oz.Peppermint Massage Oil, 8 oz.Not only is peppermint great for revitalizing the senses but relieves sore muscles, headaches and many other physical ailments! Base oils are rich in essential fatty acids and antioxidants which promote healthy skin and repair environmental damage.
Silk Kimono Massage Oil, 4 oz.Silk Kimono Massage Oil, 4 oz.Silk Kimono whispers a promise of exquisite delights from the Far East. Caresses your skin like fine silk.
Vanilla Massage Oil, 8 oz.Vanilla Massage Oil, 8 oz.Massages and soothes your body. Made with sweet almond, sesame, rose hip, and pecan oil, you won't find a more sumptuous vanilla massage oil anywhere!

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