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Bye Bye Dry Bath & Body
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Lizard Luster Body BuffLizard Luster Body BuffVtae Lizard Luster body buff will rejuvenate your skin and revive your senses! Made with lemon verbena, organic lavender, Australian sandalwood, organic aloe vera gel, and vitamin E. 
Lizard Luster Body Lotion, 8 oz.Lizard Luster Body Lotion, 8 oz.Moisturizes your skin, lifts your spirits and stimulates your mind. Made with zesty lemon verbena, organic lavender and Australian sandalwood. Available in 8 oz
Lizard Luster Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Lizard Luster Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Lifts your spirits, stimulates your mind and soaks away dry, lackluster skin.
Monster Moisture Body BuffMonster Moisture Body BuffVtae Monster Moisture body buff will rejuvenate your skin and revive your senses! Made with Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, organic aloe vera gel, mango extract, sweet almond oil, then laced with a touch of vitamin E. 23 oz.
Monster Moisture Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Monster Moisture Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.V'tae Monster Moisture Bubbly Soap is a careful blend of organic aloe vera gel, chamomile extract, mango extract, comfrey extract, sunflower oil and almond oil 
Assures healthy, hydrated skin!
Monster Moisture Lotion, 8 oz.Monster Moisture Lotion, 8 oz.Spectacular Scent! Instantly moisturizes even the most dry, damaged skin.
Salamander Soother Body BuffSalamander Soother Body BuffSalamander soother body buff by Vtae is made with a blend of Pacific Ocean Sea Salt, vitamin E, almond, apricot and vanilla. This pure sweet scented exfoliating body buff will sluff away dead cells leaving your skin with a healthy glow. 23 oz.
Salamander Soother Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Salamander Soother Bubbly Bath, 8 oz.Restores dry, dull skin
Salamander Soother Lotion, 8 oz.Salamander Soother Lotion, 8 oz.Instantly moisturize even the most dry, damaged skin.
Very Gentle Soap, 8 oz.Very Gentle Soap, 8 oz.Soothing aloe vera, chamomile, vitamin E and other cleansing, nurturing ingredients. Nurtures even the most sensitive skin, and helps combat parched, dry skin even on heels and elbows. Available in 8 oz.

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