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Baby & Mom
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Mother's Lullaby Bubbly Soap, 8 oz.Mother's Lullaby Bubbly Soap, 8 oz.Bath time sets the stage for a good nights sleep as you caress your baby with bubbles as light as a feather.  Helps you can both nod off -- peacefully and naturally. 8 oz.
Mother's Lullaby Lotion, 8 oz.Mother's Lullaby Lotion, 8 oz.Nourishing blend of organic lavender, chamomile, melissa and rose creates a soothing scented environment. Mom and baby will feel awake, refreshed and contented.
Mother's Lullaby Massage Oil, 8 oz.Mother's Lullaby Massage Oil, 8 oz.Relaxes and assures little ones that bedtime is a good time to snuggle up and settle down.
Mother's Lullaby Serenity Spray, 8 oz.Mother's Lullaby Serenity Spray, 8 oz.Helps your little one snuggle up and settle down.

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