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Framed Christian Art Carpentree
Framed Christian artwork by Carpentree featuring Biblical scripture. Beautiful religious art that inspires and encourages.
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American Legacy Patriotic ArtworkAmerican Legacy Patriotic ArtworkCarpentree's American Legacy framed art is a traditional piece with a breathtaking eagle that has an American Flag on its wings. Measures 30" H x 20" W x 2" L. Ships in 5-7 business days.
Arise, Shine Framed Christian ArtworkArise, Shine Framed Christian ArtworkCarpentree's inspiring Rise, Shine framed art is a light infused work that perfectly complements highlights illuminating the inset verse strip from Isaiah 60:1. Measures 35" x 27".
Be Still Framed Christian Landscape ArtworkBe Still Framed Christian Landscape Artwork

Carpentree's Be Still artwork features the photography of William Vanscoy encased in a stunning furniture style embossed frame. Be still and know that I am God scripture from Psalm 46:10. Measures 32.75" W x 32.75" L.

By My Side Framed Christian ArtBy My Side Framed Christian Art

Carpentree Be Strong And Of Good Courage – “By My Side” Christian art features a tranquil bridge contrast against a cloudy sky. Highlights Joshua scripture. Measures: 20" H x 32" W. 

Carpentree Bride of Christ Christian ArtCarpentree Bride of Christ Christian ArtCarpentree The Bride of Christ - "Awaiting the King" christian art features photography of beautiful bride in a stunning cathedral, from the James Nesbit Collection. Features Ephesians 5:26-27. Measures 25.5"W X 23.5" L.
Carpentree For You Will Have ArtCarpentree For You Will Have ArtCarpentree For You Will Have Art captures a golden sunrise (or sunset) against a rocky coast. Art work includes Isaiah 60:20 scripture to encourage the heart daily. Measures 24" H x 36" W.  
Carpentree They That Wait Christian ArtCarpentree They That Wait Christian Art

Carpentree's They That Wait Christian art  features a majestic eagle soaring against a rich golden background. Inset Isaiah 40:31 verse. Measures: 27" H x 27" W x 2" L. 

From the Rising Sun Christian Inspirational ArtFrom the Rising Sun Christian Inspirational ArtCarpentree's From the Rising artwork depicting a sunrise painted sky backdrop for trees that line a nearby watering hole. Verse Psalm 113:3: Measures 36" H x 26" W x 1" L. Ships in 5-7 business days.
Full Armor of God Christian ArtFull Armor of God Christian ArtCarpentree's "Full Armor of God" features 7-blocks lift away from versed background. Beautiful espresso, beveled frame w/gold scooped profile fillet. Adapted from Ephesians 6. Measures 21 x 21".
Full Armor of God Framed Christian ArtFull Armor of God Framed Christian Art
Carpentree's Full Armor of God artwork features Ephesians 6:10 Shield of faith, Sword of the Spirit, Shoes of peace, Breastplate of righteousness, etc.
Measures 30" H x 24.75" W x 2" L.
Full Armor of God Framed Christian ArtworkFull Armor of God Framed Christian ArtworkCarpentree's best selling "The Full Armor of God" features layered images of the pieces of the full armor of God, described in Ephesians 6. Measures 21 x 24". Ships in 5-7 business days.
I Will Instruct You Framed Christian ArtI Will Instruct You Framed Christian ArtCarpentree's I Will Instruct framed print with the image of Jesus working through a surgeon's hands. Framed print with verses from Psalm 32:8a and Proverbs 3:5-6. Smooth Rounded Brown frame. Measures 29" x 24".
In All Thy WaysIn All Thy WaysCarpentree In All Thy Ways – “The Crossing” includes timeless Christian imagery of a cross shadow, bridge, and light. Highlights a stunning landscape HDR photography by Phil Koch. Measures 28" H x 36" W x 2" L.